Guys: If you were a junior.....

Would you date a freshman? (You were either 16/17 and she was 15) Just curious.

  • Yes because I could take advantage of her
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  • No she's too young/inexperienced and its too embarrassing
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  • Yes not much of an age difference
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  • I would considering we could connect well, but like the others said she'd have to be mature.


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  • Only if she was mature enough. I don't want to be with a 'kid'

  • I am currently a junior, and I would probably not date a freshman, unless she was, like, extremely mature for her age.

    • Sh she's probably 15 and your probably 17... its 2 years I don't get it.

      i dated a lot of juniors when I was a freshman.

  • why not just 2 years of difference, and I don't thnk a girl is stupid enough not to know when she is getting taken advantage of


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