My boyfriend makes online dating accounts, wwyd?

so my boyfriend and I live together and have for most of of (9 month so far) relationship. our relationship in general is great! and I love him so much. He says he loves me too but I've found him on two dating websites so far saying he's not looking for a relationship (wonder why?!) but asks for pictures, sexts and that he doesn't have a Facebook account (he does) but that they can just "talk on there". The first time it happened it was on the MeetMe website. I found out and called him out on it and was breaking up with him. He apologized up and down, said it was stupid and he didn't know why he did it and that he was just going to delete it all. Begged me for an hour straight to give him another chance. Since he didn't actually sleep with anyone, I decided to give him another chance. Things were (and I really want to say are but can't) going great until a few weeks ago when I saw him on POF dating website. This time there was no picture and he used a name he didn't think I'd find him. I told him about it but he won't admit it now. He denies it every time. But there was pictures of him uploaded in a new folder of just him on the same date as this account was made. He even put his sign and age on his about me but won't admit it. And he wants to be with me so bad but does this. He can't even admit he did it this time. Since then it hasn't happened again but what do I do?! Should I stay with him or does this seem like a bad thing?


Confused in Florida


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  • What would *I* do? Leave. I'm not going to waste my time on someone I can't trust and have to be always paranoid about.

    But it's taken me a long time to see things this way, and I understand how hard it is to be in your situation (one ex who I was with for two years did similar things). Sometimes it takes something worse than this to convince yourself to leave, but then you have to wonder, do I really want to experience it?


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