Dating and getting my life together.

First off I do work and have a degree. Like many other folks I'm not writing in my field, which I would love to. In still working on that even though its very challenging. I've been blessed with a pretty good life, never had to wonder about my next meal. Even then when people would tell me that you have a nice house or whatever, I would tell them its not mine, which is the truth. Right now even though I'm working with all the bills and trying to get a higher education I'm pretty much penniless, haven't been able to save. The Lord has been keeping me going, with I don't know, because I really don't life asking/bring for money even from my parents even though I had to on few occasions for application fees and so forth. What's been bothering me is the fact that I'm single and getting older and never been in a relationship, even though I have dated. then I have conflicting feelings where I want a relationship, but wonder about not having my own place and not being financially stake and fully independent even though I handle ask my bills and when I do date a girl I am able to cover it. Looking for advice


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  • Try free online dating sites or use FB to get back in touch with old classmates you used to like.


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