Help! What happened?

So I met this guy on a dating website. We started talking via text and then over phone. First day we texted a Lil, then I didn't hear from him for two. The he started texting for three days straight. We talked for hours on phone one night and texted for hours the following two. He would usually initiate convos in morning he would text hello... Then all of a sudden... Nothing. I wrote a few days ago to tell him to have a good day after he didn't respond to a text I sent replying to one of his day before. Is he over me? I know he is busy with work and school? Am I freaking out too early like its already over?

Stupid spell check. I meant I DON'T normally text and Don't know if you are busy or what*


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  • Could be over you or busy. Give it a bit longer and if not you'll know he lost interest and you don't need to waste your time worrying. I'd wait for him to reply,because if you text him without his response to the last you'll feel silly.

    • I know. I hate being the one to text. I'm so annoyed withhim now for inconsistency!

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    • You texting him and getting no response which was expected from this guy has left you feeling more sh*t. Just honestly leave him to it,it's for the best because if nothing changes and you continue to try you will be wasting your time and leaving yourself feeling worse and worse about it. You can't do much when it comes to this,because it's obviously like texting a blank wall and he does not have the decency to tell you why he's acting like this and thinks it's the best way to do it when its not

    • Go out with your friends,have a good time and find someone worth making the effort for and someone who actually cares.

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