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I have been dating a guy for a month. Recently he asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. He has seemed distant lately and I have trust issues so to re-assure myself I logged into an online dating site to see if his profile was still up. It was and it said he last logged in at yesterday at 2pm. I confronted him about this and he said he didn't log in and the it must be an error. I asked him why his profile was still up and he said:

"I didn't delete it cause I just stopped using it and stopped caring about it being there, after I met you I had no interest in it, no need for it, I focused on you not it, it was put to the back, no one messaged me, and I messaged no one, I didn't go look at profiles, I didn't care to try and meet someone else or anyone else for that matter. So to put things blunt I stopped giving a **** about okc once I met you, I just never thought to "take it down" or that by not doing so would of turned out to be such a massive thing to you, I'm sorry I didn't do that."

The thing that concerns me is on our third date he told me he didn't take it down but deleted all the sentences in the profile (yet they were still there). He took the profile down today and I want to trust him but I really don't know what to do. He does seem to want to work through this but I am so conflicted. Any advice would be much appreciated?


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  • You have every right to feel a bit worried about your man doing something like that. First of all there is a problem if he says he will take it down and does not. That sounds a bit suspious to me atleast. Recognizing the little lies he says in regards to this topic help too because you seem to be very vocal about what you want him to do to make you feel comfible within the relationship. I do that to with my man to have clarification. This dating site should not be such a big deal you know? That in itself is strange?


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  • this is so weird. I actually was kinda of in the same situation. I met my boyfriend on okc and I kept checking to see if his account was still up awhile ago and it was. he stopped being active oon it for quite awhile so I kept checking. he says he finally went and deleted it a few days ago. I want to believe that but I find myself tempted to check.

    • just checked, turns out he didn't. that annoys me a bit. seeing as I didn't even ask him about it he brought it up...

    • I don't understand these men. why bother telling us that you did something or ask for exclusivity if that's not what he wants. are you going to ask him about it?

  • Well he's obviously lying and babbling random stuff to excuse himself from it. I guess you can wait and see and try and look ahead and try and move forward from it. Hopefully he'll become honest and not lie.