What happened? we used to be forever..

last year, him and I were unseperable we talked all the time and flirted quite a bit too.. he was my best friend, but I liked him too and he knew that... over the summer we barely talked and I tried hanging with him but he was always busy. now this year, I got mad and we got into a fight but I apologized.. I was mad Because he would never talk to me! I barely even know him anymore.. we don't talk, I text and he doesn't text me back, I apologized.. does he hate me or maybe he likes me but is too shy.. help please


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  • Texting is a way for guys to overcome shyness so him not texting you shows that he dosn't like you. Another sign of it is that the constant Busy status he keeps saying. that's how guys tend to get out of most things ^_^ Even if a guy is shy hell usually still hang near the girl he likes maybe not talk but is still near. Like you said he knew you liked him so WHY would he not ask you out ENLESS he DOSNT like you? Exactly. I know its not what you want too hear but he dosn't like you and is slowly pushing you away to help you get over it. Sit him down or pull him in private away from his friends and talk too him. ^_^ Tell me how it works out I'm intrested too know or if you have anymore questions :)


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