Should I break up with my boyfriend cause he won't text me back?

Long story short, last Sunday my boyfriend texted me telling me he's feeling sick and miserable. Our communication was off all week up until Thursday when he said sorry and explained to me he's still not feeling good. BUT he was stilling going in for work and his 2 night classes.

I sent him 3 text messages, all spaced apart, asking how he's holding up cause I've been worried and have gotten 0 replies from him. It has been 8 days since we last spoke.

Is he using the sick excuse to ignore me and should I break up with him?


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  • Wow that is shallow, quit being selfish, all you're doing right now is thinking about yourself. The dude is sick, it's off a good reason.

    Go visit him, see how he's doing, maybe take care of him since he's your dude and remember that the world doesn't revolve around you.

    • Ummmm if he won't even contact me how do I know if I'm welcome or not? We've only been dating for a little over 2 months so I don't feel comfortable just showing up at his place uninvited.

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    • Yeah he asked me to be his girlfriend back in Jan. we also slept together and the second time he tried sleeping with me which was a few weeks ago I said we should wait til I'm on birth control. So I'm thinking maybe he just wanted sex? But he did text and talk to me after that convo, however that's the week he got sick too so :/

    • I see, you should've included those in your story. I don't think your relationship with this guy is going to go anywhere. Don't wait around and end that relationship while it's early, it's obvious that he's just using you.

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  • Disagree with the guy below. Definitely sounds like the guy isn't interested anymore.

    • Should I call once just to ask what's up? He really didn't give me any signs that he wanted to break up. Last time we met, he seemed really happy to spend time with me. We've never talked on the phone though, it's all been through texts.

    • Might as well call him if you want to be sure, isn't going to make anything worse. I don't see how someone can go 8 days without talking to their girlfriend, even while being sick. Unless he has a serious illness that just doesn't make sense. It's very likely he lost interest.

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  • He thinks you're an ugly whore and wants to break up.

    ...Or he's sick and isn't in the mood to text

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