Have you ever heard a woman say this?

In all my years, thought I had heard every put down line know to humans. I watched a young woman tell a well dressed young man off who was her blind date. This was her reason:

"Your suit makes you look formal and too mature."




No wonder women can't find dates!

Women has any man said anything equally stupid to you?



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  • Women and men say the most ridiculous things just to let someone know that they're not into them. So, the sky is the limit really. If you've ever seen the show 'take me out' the UK version, you would laugh your ass of, haha. But, yeah, it is what it is :)


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  • There are two reasons I could see a girl saying this: 1) She's actually a party animal and was serious or 2) during their discussion she realized they wouldn't match up so she tried to say it nicely

    Sometimes a guy who seems overly mature and put together makes me avoid dating them because *I* am not mature and put together yet and know that it tends to work out best if we date people in the same stage of life. I wouldn't want to date a super successful business guy because I'm a struggling college kid living at home and would feel way worthless in comparison.

    Of course there would be exceptions to this, but that could be what she was doing.

    • First time I've ever heard a woman admit to being less mature. I may have unofficially seen everything

    • You're welcome?

  • shes a bitch I would never say that


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  • Somehow, I only think you caught part of the conversation. I think there is more to the story than you know.

    • You are most likely correct. The two were Chinese and I'm not yet fluent with the language yet, especially when they speak so darned fast!

  • I only got told off by high school girls, but they have the brain of a monkey.

  • I bet all the girls that say that they would never do that, have NO PROBLEM telling a man that thir tool is too small!

  • You better be careful, there's an unspoken rule that says its never, and I mean NEVER OK to criticize a woman.

    Remember john bobbit? that was HILARIOUS!

    The dude gets his f***ing penis cutt off and the whole world LAUGHS at him.

    You don't think if a woman got her breast cut off that people would be like "thats not funny! and force an entire sports team to wear a stupid bracelet and devote and entire MONTH just to this woman?

    There are TONS of commercials out there with women hitting men, for example the one where the female robot kicks the man across the room for "checking the tires" and its funny.

    Dude, there would be F***ING hell to pay if it were a man robot kicking a woman.

    holy sh*t men would never hear the end of it. There would be all kinds of lawsuits and the sky would f***ing fall.

    • well, john bobbit raped her and abused her, so that might have something to do with people laughting at his disgrace.

      but yes, apart from that there is some double standard with woman being attacked