guys only--how can i help an older man not feel insecure about dating me

**Please GUYS only answer**

This older man (47) asked me out he knows I am 30. I have been out with him twice now and he knows I like him and I know he likes me. He texted me all the time even when he was at work. Then suddenly age is an issue with him. I keep on trying to tell him age isn't an issue in fact I always date older men. He knows I don't need and don't want a sugar daddy. He said he knew younger girls dated older men so they would be a sugar daddy. So I let him know that I don't want or need a sugar daddy. He knows that I have my own money and no bills so I can spend my money as I see fit and my parents have money and provide for me. So he knows for a 100% fact I am not using him to be a sugar daddy.

He himself even said that we have good chemistry. Then suddenly he becomes insecure about his age. He says I need to date somebody closer to my own age and that I deserve more. Yet, he contacts me again tonight. This also happened a few days ago. I thought he was past his age insecurity because we went out last night but it the age problem started up again today.

He also knows that my parents don't have a problem with me dating a man 16 years older than me.

GUYS please help me. What can I do I really like this man.


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  • It would be best if you can stop "countering" his age issues.

    Instead, find ways in how you're grateful that you're dating someone as old as he is.

    Compliment how he does things best compared to guys closer to your age.


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