Lesbians, at dating you are personaly more passive (waiting to get courted) or initiator(doing the courting)

Tell me about it, is there a pattern to dating among lesbian, have you found lesbian douche bags, what is different and what similar in lesbian dating, compared to heterosexual dating.?

How annoying can homophobic people be?

Just tell me about it, talk, I'm Very curious person and I'm a lesbro.

  • I prefer to wait and give hints like heterosexual women often do
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  • I seek what I want, I like to court and flirt
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  • Im very active at dating and I'm good at it, I'm the one guiding my socialy awkard male friend
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  • A bit nof both
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  • Im so shy and umcofortable around other women that it affects negatively my dating succes
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  • Im not in the dating scene as of now, I have a beautiful girlfriend that I've been with for 2 years now. But when I was first trying to get her to get her to go out with me I would write poems and drop a few hints here and there. Needless to say she finally noticed and we have had an amazing relationship since.

  • It's easier because girls are more understanding to a lot more stuff than guys are


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