Why do girls with little to no dating options play hard to get?

I can understand that all girls are different in looks, shapes, althletic abilities, education and all, but why do some girls with little options (0-3 guys) play hard to get? Simply I don't see the logic in faking to be attractive when an experienced person can tell the difference. What's the point in "faking"?

A precision. I'm talking about Nice girls who complain about decent girls (who are comfortable with the idea of sex). What my question really is about why do nice girls use their lack of experience as an excuse to bad mouth girls who are more experienced than them.

I'm under the impression that It's the unsuccessful girls who complain the most about modern dating? Am I under the wrong impression?

Successful girls in dating don't play hard to get. They are hard to get.
-_- by the way sorry for the poor writing (I was tired)

Also adding, what I meant by faking to be attractive (popular). Was that some girls use hard to get on one guy, when that guy is her only option at the moment.

What advantages would "playing hard to get" bring her? if the only option is that one guy.

Any guy could just lose patience and move on? like why risk, ending up with nothing by pretending to be a 10/10 on the dating market when she might just be 5/10 or a 6/10.


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  • hard to get isn't based on being attractive. its based on withholding w/e it is you do have. from the person you want, to want 'it'. Its based on the idea people will value something more if it is not easy to get.

    i disagree. however -unless you just want sex. if you want a relationship, playing hard to get is not what you want to do. because you'll attract people who diont really want anyone.. for more than a few nights.

    playing hard to get is based on the idea a person who wants what they can not have. which obviously contradicts the idea of being WITH the person once you 'have' them. A person who only wants what they can not have, does not know how to really value a person for who they r. after the thrill of winning wares off. they will be off to the next conquest.

    it isn't about the person they are with. just about how they feel about themselves.. people like that are typically really shallow self centered and vapid... very unattractive types. imo.

    • So basically a girl who plays hard to get and wants a serious relationship is shooting herself in the foot.

      As opposed to a girl who seeks a short term relationship. Who uses hard to get as a way to build up sexual tension and then comes the release (sex). Afterwards they each move on the someone else as they both sought a short encounter.

      And I thought we guys were the ones with all the handicaps in the dating game lol. Your answer really makes me realize some girls are just DUMB.

    • Precision: about the girls I consider dumb. I mean the girls who use hard to get as a way to get a boyfriend when the Tactic was never meant to give permanent results. Don't these girls ever realize what they do to themselves lol.

    • yeah. hard to get is indeed dumb. but guys screw themselves with it too.. because a lot of them believe its in _boys_ nature for _girls_ to play hard to get. that a guy can't be a man unless he's chasing a hard to get creature.. often the women that guys actually do want. will keep running and running. and then if they get together..no one knows what to do.

      guys established hard to get. but it is learning disabled for anyone to fall for it. imo... at some point you have to think for yourself.

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  • It's a seduction tactic. Honestly, a very hold one. Boys want what they can't have (or what other boys want).

    You've got several questions, but here goes:

    "why do nice girls use their lack of experience as an excuse to bad mouth girls who are more experienced than them."

    Because "nice" girls have superiority & self-esteem issues.

    "Am I under the wrong impression?"

    Kind of. It's unsuccessful people in general that complain most about any current situation.

    • Quote:Because "nice" girls have superiority & self-esteem issues.

      Geez...I was brain washed into believing the contrary lol, Makes senses because if a majority of individuals inside of a given group believe that the Nice girl is right, then her "Child like" behavior passes as normal as opposed to a situation where she find's herself being in the minority; Where a nice girl true issues Pop-out, Superiority complex & self-esteem issues.

    • Poor self-esteem is basically a prerequisite for badmouthing others. A big ego + needing to feel better/superior are the 2 tools almost all people use to cover for a lack of self-esteem.

  • Are you in high school? This sounds like a high school girl

    • What the f***? I'm saying that your question sounds like something that happens in high school you ignorant f***. You're the only troll here.

  • I wish you would read your question over at least twice and realize how what you said doesn't make any sense.

    Attractiveness isn't related to how many guys pursue you. Notice how I used the word "PURSUE", meaning guys who actually make efforts to get with a girl.

    There are extremly attractive girls who because they're guarded, reserved, not outgoing, are alone and don't have a line of men chasing after them. And there are pretty average girls who have many options.

    The point is: the easier to get a girl appears to be (either based on her behavior or what other people say about her), the more guys will pursue her because they know they actually stand a chance.

  • What do you mean "faking to be attractive" how do you fake attractiveness, you either are or aren't? I really don't understand your question...are you talking about ugly girls or something?

    • i thought confidence is attractive ? guess that is a lie :'( I hate being ugly

    • confidence is attractive

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  • ever heard that saying...

    "beggars can't be choosers"?

    well sometimes the beggar will act like a chooser to hide his or her inferiority and disadvantages at life and to make themselves appear like they are invulnerable in society and are getting with the program

    • I'll remember that for sure. lol

      "Beggars can't be choosers"

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