Not sure how to proceed with this guy.

i met this guy online. we our first date last weekend, and at the end he gave me a hug and asked me out again. we went on our second date, which seemed to go well, good conversation, etc. at the end he walked me to my car and hugged me, but no mention of another date. I know he was going out of town for the weekend with a friend, but I still haven't heard from him (date was Thursday night).

i was pretty much the one to pursue him. I started messaging him, and finally jokingly asked him how much more effort I had to put in before he asked me on a date before he officially asked me out. we've always texted regularly, and I was the one to text him first after our first date.

anyway, do you guys think I should text him something like "had a great time last Thursday. hope you had a good weekend"? or should I just drop it? thanks


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  • drop it. I think you put too many cards out already, if he is interested he will come back.

  • I recommend you play hard to get, make him a little jealous!

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