What do I do? How do you date? Should we slow down?

i was thinking I should stop talking to this guy for a while to slow things down but I know he is just gonna call or text me the next day and I would feel bad for ignoring him, especially since he seems like a really nice guy and we get along well. so I figured I would asks you guys's opinion on how to date ?

i met a guy 3 weeks ago during a business event and we hit it off very well. (this is extremely rare for me.) We have talked on the phone everyday since we first exchanged numbers. He calls me while he is at work and if he can't talk then he texts all throughout the day and then calls me when he gets off work too untill we both fall asleep. He has taken me out to eat a couple of times, gone to see a show and we have sat in his house and played video games. I really enjoy hanging out with him so I kissed him.

He seems like a nice guy but I am just not use to this, or dating at all. Are we dating? I never talk to a guy this much or see him this much and in only 3 weeks. At first I was just going with the flow and just enjoying the conversations and company, but I really don't know where this is going.

Im also afraid of wasting time with him, there are other things that I have to focus on but I have made time for him because I find him interesting and nice, so yeah I am fond of him I guess

i have been hurt before so most of the time I avoid getting to know guys and just carry on with my business. I feel like I know nothing about dating.


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  • I totally understand where you're coming from.

    But yes, I would say you two are dating, sometimes feelings happen really fast, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as you keep your guard up. Don't fall too hard too fast. Have fun girl:) just stay grounded, sometimes it's hard to get caught up