Initiating a text conversation with a girl. Quick question people!

If I'm always the one initiating a text conversation with a girl and she NEVER does, should I be worried? Even if we have really good conversations and she's constantly flirting and seems to enjoy it?

never mind people false alarm, it just turns out that she's very shy about starting first. Thank you to those that answered!


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  • It depends. I mean, once you start texting is she receptive to what you're saying? Do you ever talk on the phone instead of texting? If so, just sort of make a light comment out of it -- "Hey, I'm always texting you! Just want to make sure you're comfortable texting me too when you like."

    A lot of girls I know feel self-conscious about texting first. Some think it's not ladylike, others have been told (as I have) that it bugs the guy to get too many texts from a girl, so there's no set way to measure what's considered "too many" by a particular guy and so we wait...

    • I generally don't like texting and talking on the phone, I mean I hardly text with my good male friends too. When I text or call I like to get straight to the point and finish as quickly as possible. However, if I'm interested in a girl I really look forward to communicating with her and no matter how much I do it always feels like it's not enough. So while it's true that we guys stay the hell away if we sense that you're a clinger, we don't mind at all if we are very interested in you.

    • Actually, your answer touches on a question of mine: link

    • How can a girl tell if a guy's THAT interested? There was a guy who seemed interested, but once the texting became a daily thing he seemed to lose interest. If it was coming from him, it would be different, he'd feel he was choosing to communicate with me, not just obligated to answer my text. (He actually said it to me in those words.)

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  • No you shouldn't worry about it as long as she's responding and seems interested once the conversation gets going.

    • yea she really seems interested and tells me so.

  • Have you ever not contacted her until she contacts you? Like I'm an initiator too. My boyfriend takes like two days to text me if I don't text him.

    • no, I just text people when I want to talk with them (which is a lot when it comes to her). I don't like playing games, especially not to such a sweet girl like her.

    • That's not considered playin games. That's really trying to see how long it'll take her to miss you enough to text you first. But I'm glad it worked out.

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  • Every single girl is like her - sadly

    • right? it sucks and the one's that aren't like that are the ones that keep on texting you.

    • that made no sense lol. What I meant to say is that the ones that do initiate first are the ones that you're not interested in anyway.

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