Hate mushy stuff yet dating a romantic?

I hate pet names, mushy love letters, PDA, outward obnoxious flirting yet I date guy that are totally romantics and very sensitive. Am I subconsciously balancing myself out?


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  • People like to be loved and to love. And they each have a way of doing so.

    The trick in a relationship is for the two of you to find your way. He needs to understand what you want and need and how you want to be loved and he needs to meet those needs. At the same time you need to do the same for him.

    This means that sometimes he needs you to love him in "his" way which may be more "mushy" than you like. Sometimes you need to let him love you the same way... that is how he shows it. However, he needs to reciprocate. He needs to understand that sometimes you need more than "mushy" and you need to be able to love him in a way that is more than "mushy."

    It takes two to tango. I hope that makes sense to you...

  • haha perhaps you are but I don't think I could handle being with someone that is into that kind of stuff because I'm definitely not.. lol


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