Am I wrong? *texting issue*

It's the same story, really, but with a twist.

He doesn't text me back for like days. (I sent him a total of 3 spaced out txts) not due to being really busy, just having other things/people he prefers spending time with,

but here I am in a really upset spot and simply ask him why

still he chooses to flat out ignore me. (and no I'm not wrong, he sees txt, he ignores it, then 5-10 minutes later decided he wants to start a stickam chat with his friends, etc ect)

i've read all the advice online "ohh guys don't want clingy girrls"

Here's the thing:

I only half care about how he is. The other half cares about how *I* am.

So really, if I just want a little "sorry caught up" or something in return to let me know I still matter to him, what's wrong with that?

I've been in relationships for just a few reasons that had nothing to do with that person. I only really wanted them when I wanted something from them too. I never cared much for spending time with them either.

That seems to be what this is.

The internet just seems to be making excuses for these guys,

we don't live in a "female = martyr, men = king" type world anymore.

My feelings and my needs are important too.

So I made other plans.

Now I'm sure he won't text me since he knows I made other plans.

*Poof* there goes an 8 year relationship over nothing.

so here's the question:

Is he just that disinterested in me all the time? Except when he wants to have like sex or something with me?


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  • maybe he's busy and have a lot of things going on right now. I definitely know how you feel, going through the samething right now. I say if its meant to be, then it will be. if not, then you got to move on. If he's interested, let him come to you when he's ready but its good to text him every now and then to show that you are interested or just want to hang out. Guys are complicated especially very shy ones

  • i didn't read the entire thing but based on the bottom line I can tell you that I have been with guys who would ignore me except when they wanted something from me. this guy I had a casual thing with for a long time would text me when he wnated to see me (on his convenience/time) but would go days without talking to me/even ignore me sometimes. got fed up and he's history