I can't read him real well. Does he like me?

So I went to a party with this guy I like from my university and we kissed. After we kissed we were texting 24/7 for a week straight, but last Friday he didn't text me so I texted him around 8. He didn't text back but I ran into him at a party that I went to with one of my guy friends. Me, him, my guy friend, and another friend of the guy I like (who is also a guy) hung out all night. We even went to different parties together. However, he was not as touchy as he was before and he didn't kiss me. I also got drunk by mistake because I didn't know that these pills that I was on made me more sensitive to alcohol, but it didn't really show until after he left. on top of that I couldn't send any texts from my phone until today. He's been responding to my texts but I don't know if he still likes me. It could be that he does but he didn't do anything because my guy friend was there.

When I didn't have my phone I was logged onto Facebook to keep in touch with others. I know he was logged on for quite a bit but he didn't initiate any contact. But in the past we usually have communicated through text.


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  • Sounds like he likes you to me.

    • Yah all of a sudden he ignored me yesterday. I texted him once in the morning responding to the text he had sent me the night before. I didn't want to blow up his phone with messages so I didn't text him again. He's been logged on Facebook though. :-/

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    • I barely ever see him on campus anymore so asking in person will be hard. I'm thinking of waiting a couple of days to text him again. I don't want to cross the line of coming off as needy.

    • Probably a good idea.

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