Is he busy or sick of talking to me?

I got back in touch with this guy who I knew from a couple years ago. We liked each other then and I just wanted to see what he was up to now that we're in college. He started texting me pretty much everyday and then he stopped for a couple weeks when school got hectic and he got a job.

A week or two after that he started texting me again and the conversation went on for about 3 weeks. We stopped saying goodnight and just replied in the morning. Last week he was even telling me about things we should do together when we're home for break. I kinda felt like he was being a little flirtatious at times too.

In the last few days he's been really slow at replying. It took him a whole day to reply to me once.

When we text, it's usually long replies like paragraphs, well paragraphs as far as texting goes. He still does that when he replies. It's just that it takes him forever.

So, is he just busy or could he be sick of talking to me?


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  • He must be really busy.

    If he's sick talking to you, he shouldn't be replying at all.

    • I hope he's just really busy because now it's been more than a day since I texted him back and I haven't heard from him. Should I still not worry about it?

    • You shouldn't be worried. As for now, focus more on your life.

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