*high school* Does this girl like me?

So I know this girl, were pretty cool. I'm not to sure if she likes me tho or not interested. The other night we were texting. usually texting, I noticed she used a lot of double exclamation points after certain things. Like I made fun of her a little(flirting). we stopped texting around like 1am and she texted me back later saying "I can't sleep :/" so I continued texting her.

Today something caught my attention. When I walked into the classroom she said "wow I've never seen you were a sweatshirt" I was a bit confused cause I've worn sweatshirts before so I questioned her and she said a zip up one.

but enough of that. she's given me like compliments in groups of people tho. Like one day she told me I was a good rapper, but today she said in a group of people that I told good bedtime stories which I thought was cool I guess.

But like she sits at my table during class and ill be talking to her just fine but then when I start talking to the other kids at the table she kinda puts her head down?


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  • It sounds like she's got a thing for you ;) When a girl texts you back after a period of time(may be a long period of time or short) they still want to talk to you, as for the sweatshirt comment, she may have been to shy to complement what you're wearing because it would make it appear as though she was checking you out /admiring you. Better to say these things in a group because it's easier to say and not to intimate as she may (as previously suggested) shy. She may be putting her head down on the table to get your attention, perhaps she wants to continue to talk to you so she puts her head down to show she's bored. All in all it sounds like she likes you!


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