My mom and uncle don't want me dating a rican ...

My mom is being so unfair . Like seriously I just made a new friend Rey . On Valentine's day that's when we started to talk and now just 2 days ago he asked me out. I said yes. I was hanging with him and Friday and my mom flipped just because my phone died and picked me up ruined my whole date. And the next day she has my uncle all over me yelling at me telling me not to bring the spics / ricans over here because he's from the westside smh wtf ? He's not even like the other guys . My mom and uncle like to judge so much. This guy doesn't treat me like trash he calls me beautiful everyday and makes me feel so amazing he makes me laugh and he is so attractive the way he looks at me , no one else has ever looked at me that . He payed for the whole date. And now my moms telling me be friends first and then the next day she says NO PUERTO RICANS . I'm half rican wtf ? She's scared this guy is going to do what my dad did and leave us . He was rican to but my mom has to get I will learn from my own mistakes. And I know better I been in a abusive relationship before so ? And another thing I have to hide me and Rey are dating because I know my mom won't accept him but he wants me to tell her soon but it's only going to cause drama and he loves families I don't know what to do. I'm so stressed out. His x is even telling him Ima hurt him & my family won't accept me which idky she even knows that ?


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  • Your mom and uncle are racist.

    Go with your guy. He's definitely the one for you.

  • A Rican? Wow how disrespectful. You don't deserve to date a "Rican"


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