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k so me and this girl used to really like each other but we stopped talking and she got a boyfriend. (still dating after 3 years) and we started acting on our feelings.. going to concerts, hanging out, hooking up (no sex) texting and talking all the time,and then stuff got kind of weird like she wouldn't text me first anymore and she ignored me at this concert that all of our friends went too... then I told her how I felt about her and she told me she was happy with her boyfriend and stuff (my guess she feels guilty because me and this girl have always had a connection and I know she knows it) and things were still a little weird. I still texted her after to stay in the picture and be friendly and I didn't think anything of it but at this recent concert she came up to me 3 times like nudging my arm to talk to her/dance with her and I ignored her... (because she hasn't texted me first in months, ignores me then I told her how I felt and nothing happend) anyways

this girl was trying to warm up to me again and I f***ed up my chance, I apologized and this girl told me to text her anytime and don't even worry. which was good, anyways I so know its been 2 weeks later and when I text her she replies once then doesn't text back or she'll look at my message and won't reply after she told me to text her anytime... what should I do!?


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  • This sentenced confused me, my guess she feels guilty because me and this girl have always had a connection and I know she knows it) . Are you referring to one girl .

    • yeah it's the same girl I'm talking about in my question

      here's a better version "My guess is that she feels guilty about the situation and her boyfriend. Me and her have always had this connection and I know she knows it).

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    • after I apologized, she told me not to worry and to text her anytime, but its been 2 weeks and every time I tried to talk to her she responds to my first text then doesn't text back the whole day... is she playing hard to get? or she isn't interested... but why would you tell someone to text you anytime if you weren't interested right?..

    • I think she has feelings for you , Or she wouldn't say that you could text her anytime. I think she cares for you but she's in a relationship .

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  • My guess is that she always had you in the friend zone. I think she liked the attention from you and liked to have you around as a friend but never really saw you as dating material and the fact that she always had a boyfriend allowed her to keep you at a distance and have an excuse to not date you.

    • i used to talk to this girl 4-5 years ago then me being a shy person stopped talking to her for a couple years but we would ALWAYS give each other "those" looks you know what I mean... so just last year I started talking to her again and everything was going good then she stopped talking to me out of nowhere... like it was weird... then she ignored me and I still texted her, then I ignored her and I'm still texting her... so I don't know what to do.. if this was any other girl I'd move on...

  • Maybe ask her how she feels...


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