8 months later and I STILL have feelings for him?

Ok when I first started dating Evan it was like only a month or 2 after he dumped his long term gf.

Things between us were great and his friends were teasing him about how 'obsessed' he was with me.

After about a month I'd been at his house basically every night to see him. He'd cook dinner and spoil me with compliments, cuddles and kisses. Too good to be true that I'd found a guy I was really fond of..

Anyway, after a silly argument one night Evan ended up really confused and I think I managed to hurt him. It was a drunken argument so I can't remember clearly.

After that it led to me suggesting he should re-try things with his ex. He was like no no no I'm over her. But then he broke it off with me and decided to see her again. Fair enough - they went out for 2 years. I wouldn't want to be a homewrecker.

Things never worked for him and his ex anyway. And after things between me and him and then him and his ex not working he went into a crazy insecure drinking/one night standish mode.

I know he doesn't sound so desirable, but I think he's amazing. Lately he's been kinda warming up to me with soft gazes and giving me nice warm hugs and asking all about my life. He has re-iterated the point that I hurt him. But he hurt me too.

Despite all the nice warm behavior , he can be kind cold sometimes and makes excessive points of calling me 'bud' and 'mate' it's to the extreme as well. Sometimes every text includes one of those terms.

Thing is I know he's attracted to me and thinks I'm a pretty girl, but calling me these things makes me feel manly!

What do you think of this?


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  • i think you should back away and cut him out because you will never get over him and he will not give you the relationship you need

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