Is it pressure to ask a girl if she is interested

I met a girl about a month ago at a bar- gave her my number but didn't hear from her. Saw her a couple weeks later and she said she lost my number and gave me hers. We text messaged for a couple weeks and went on our first date just last Saturday. Date went good, had dinner and talked for about 3hrs. Last night we went to the movies, I was a little nervous and kind of quiet, but it was a movie so I think it was okay that I was quiet. When we left, I walked her to her car and she gave me a quick hug. Talked for a few more minutes as I was walking away, and then I decided the quick hug wasn't enough so we had another long hug and then I gave her a couple quick kisses. Id say it went well, but not flawless. So- my question is, I want to know if she is feeling it or not- is it pushy and kind of needy to text her and say "so, do you think you want to hang out again"? or should I just wait and see what happens?


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  • What would you wait for, what will happen if you don't contact her?

    Maybe you should just ask her out again. If she goes, she's probably interested, just go with that for a couple more dates.

    • Thats kind of what I thought- really want to know if she's interested, but don't want to rush things, so I need to be patient and just hangout with her a few more times and see where it goes..

    • Think you're right, it's still a bit early to ask her directly. If you don't rush things she'll also understand you're serious. Kissing is good =)

  • No, how else are you going to find out ?.


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