Short question: is it a sign of disinterest or am I over-thinking? If so, what happenned?

Been seeing her for a month, getting progressively more comfortable/close with each other. She told me she accepts me for who I am, calls me cute names like "goof" in an affectionate way, says "maybe one day" when I asked her if she would play guitar for me, and we kiss before saying goodbye". Slept over at her place one night, hung out the next afternoon, it went really well. I texted her that night saying "I slept way too much today lol, how was work?" but she didn't reply, it's three days later now. I think my text/the frequency may have been perceived as a bit too attached or suggestive of a relationship, and so I am just going to wait until she texts me.

Is that her trying to convey some sort of message of dis-interest, or am I just over-thinking it? Could something like that ruin this?


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  • Hmm. I don't know about other girls, but if I'm not really into someone I will see the text, go "ugghhh" and either reply with something really short so as to not encourage more conversation, or I'll put it off until I feel like responding. If I like a guy, I reply right away.

    However, I do recall an instance where I got kind of sad when a guy I liked didn't text me one day (after texting me everyday prior I was just kind of expecting it) and my sister (9 years my junior, btw) essentially told me to calm down because it's normal to take a break from texting if the person feels like they've been texting too much. Apparently this is normal with you young, playful kids. (But 3 days still sounds like a little much to me).

    It wouldn't hurt to send one more casual text (such as, "Hey, how's it going"). If she doesn't respond, gives really short answers, or just seems to be dragging her feet, so to speak... then I would say it's disinterest. If she carries on the conversation, then that's a good sign! Good luck!

  • i think it's disinterest


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