Do you think this guy knows what :-* means?

I've been texting back and forth with a friend/acquaintance of mine and asked him what he was going to say to me earlier today (in a text) because he turned around to talk to me but then walked away when we were with each other in person. He texted back saying: I'm not really sure... :-*

I can't decide if he made that emoticon using it as its true definition or if he meant it as a different expression.


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  • It must be that emoticon that he's trying to do to you earlier.

    • haha I wish! ;) We were having a conversation about a previous situation we encountered with a stranger, and I basically ended up calling him an introvert and he seemed to disagree. I told him if it makes him feel any better I'm kind of an introvert too. that's when he did his whole turning around to face me and say something, but then walked away.

    • He got nervous.

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