So do you think he's going to text me back?

He seemed pretty instrested in me he would text me good morning and good night and we would hang out...BUT there's one thing he never remebers things that I tell him...does that mean he doesn't like me...please guys help me out

So I texted you need to listen to what I say and why don't you ever remeber..but he hasn't texted me back sadly :(

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  • I hate to break it to you, lol...but women tend to go on and on and then on some more about things that guys couldn't care less about. Sometimes in the beginning of a relationship we'll sit quietly and pretend to listen, but usually we're just waiting for the conversation to be over. The fact that we even pretend to listen is so that we don't hurt your feelings. After being with someone for a while, we care less and less about that. Honestly we're not women. We don't really care about your fashion, your favorite reality TV show, the love-hate relationship you have with your best friend, or your trash talking other girls. Guys don't care about that stuff (straight guys at least). Even when we have intentions of actually listening, the attention span wanes. Your busting this kids balls over this. He's texts you "good night", that should show he cares. Geeze, cut him some slack. If you'd sent me that text I would've ignored it too. Sorry.

    • Thanks for your honesty. But do you think he likes me or no?

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    • Hey So ever since I textd him that things haven't been the same...So how should I apolgize about it? Or get him to like me again?

    • Idk really. I'd just tell him that you didn't mean to come off as uptight and controlling. The see how he takes it. I can't promise anything though.

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  • He's not interested. Sadly.

    • How do you know that?

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  • I think he isn't intrested in you, he probably uses you as his own "flirtationship" friend. meaning that he just flirts with you but he doesn't really like you, you can do the same to him, it will make you feel better and over time you will gte over him...

    • lol, I think you are confusing him with a girl. guys want results, flirtation with no end game is a stupid waste of time.

  • may be he's interested.but some guys just aren't good listeners & can't remember evrything like you can't really blame him.if he takes care of you in other ways then he's interested & that should be enough

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