Why is he ignoring me?! I genuinely don't now what I did wrong!

This is kind of long but PLEASE bear with me here :)

Tere's this guy I've known since last year. We were good friends then he started to like me A LOT but I was talking to somebody else. We still remained friends but we didn't talk as much anymore. But then we hung at a party last month after not talking for a few months and he was constantly texting me for the next couple of days after that. I then start texting him too and for about over a month, we never went more than one or two days without texting one another. We even hung out too again that next weekend, he invited me to a party with him then I stayed the night at his house and we only cuddled. We didn't text as much after that for some reason but we were still fine with each other.

We then texted all day this one day and he invited me to a party that weekend. I show up at his party and it turns out to be a small get together. He introduced me to his friends and everything was fine.

Then last week, I was on Tinder (if you don't know what that is, it's a phone app on where you "like" or "dislike" somebody's pictures. You will only find out if you have a "match" or they're "interested" back.) and I saw that he had one. I clicked "like" and we became a "match" not even five seconds after that. He then messages me saying "I have no clue what this is lol". Since he decided to play dumb with it, I acted like I didn't either. He didn't answer my message. I then decided that was stupid of me to play dumb so I texted him "hey what's up?" to I guess break the ice first. No answer. I thought that was very strange because he has NEVER ignored a text of mine before. I assumed he was busy so I brushed it off. I tried texting him again nine days later (last night) and said hey. No answer. I don't know if this is is a coincidence but again I don't want to be a bother on him. But most importantly, I don't know why he'd be ignoring me?! I've done nothing wrong that I know of and if it's over that Tinder thing, he could have easily said he knew what it was too.

I literally just found out via Instagram pics that he's been talking to another girl but thanks for your all's answers!


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  • I can tell you the answer almost fearless of mistaking. There are three possibilities, though it's most probable is that both are true. I will tell you the most probable first -in case only one of them is true.

    1) You hurt his feelings, but it's OK. He DOES like you, has a tremendous crush on you and due to his personality I can see through your comments he was expecting you to tell him sth like "I like you". He is a little dumb for this: You can't expect a girl to tell you she likes you first. This rarely happens. He was hurt for expecting something thatwas really improbable.

    2) This is the fun part. He may have realized of the best strategy to get a girl infatuated for a guy. Playing as if he liked you, then ignore you and be cold. This, as you may have realized by now, makes you aware of what you had and what you've lost, and now really wish him back. It's natural, and it's an incredible way of making a girl fall in love with you.

    In fact I am doing wrong: I shouldn't be telling you this, because I may ruin his chance of getting your love. I hope from my heart that if you read this start loving him more, as he is in love with you and I can tell he's a GREAT guy. You won't find many of those in this world. Please don't ruin your chance with him. He's perhaps one of your best shots for happiness. I may be wrong with this, but I can ensure you he deserves a chance.

    The next step is answering your messages. When he does this, if he is sure you are his by then he will attack, and I hope you will agree to become his girlfriend. It's a little risky for me to say this as he may be so extremely shy that he may not tell you. I hope your love for him does not hold back. He may take a little time to declare his love.

    I hope by telling you this I get at least a Best Answer grade! Lol If you have further questions just tell me. I'll be willing to answer them! :)

    • Thanks a lot for rating my answer as the best one! I REALLY want to know how your relationship with your crush goes, so please tell me! Besides, I can recommend you what to do if you have doubts, and how I believe you can get him to love you more! :)

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  • This is easy. You both have the same problem TEXTING, MESSAGING, I know it's hip, but if you or he ever plan to get down and get dirty, you got to get passed this texting thing. It's like red light traffic cameras. What's that all about? MONEY actually. So I'll put my money on, dump the phone, I mean really, he will either get the message and come running in real time or it's over which could be a good thing. You see you are trying to drive in traffic and your understanding of a love line is confusing your feelings. Basically I use my phone to screen out the unwanted from the wanted, just like an abortion clinic is designed to dump the unwanted. It's really simple to deal with, just say no to Texting, Messaging, and say hello to your life and get on with it. You both will eventually get the message, just like mom and dad did back when they hitched up the wagon to go out doing the dirty thing. That was before internal combustion engines came along and America started singing about big V-8s and 409s. Now I'm revealing my age. LOL

  • He probably just met some other girl through Tinderand gave up on you. Lets be real, he was never getting out of the friend zone. He probably finally learned that and moved on. Guys that move on from someone that had them in the friend zone almost always cut off all communication.

  • look, send him a text and say, looks like that tinder thing matched us up. lol. Cute huh?

  • you hurt his feelings indirectly I guess. poor lad had his heart out there :(


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