Do guys Facebook message you by mistake?

Ok, almost got together with a good guy, we never quite made it but we still text a bit. Last night, he sent me messages asking if I was coming out for a drink, inviting me for a he says they were for someone else & he just happened to have my FB page open. Mistake or deliberate guys?

Thank you for the answers, to elaborate, we are in different locations so there was no way I could ever have gone out with him that night as his messages requested. When I casually mentioned it the next day, he said they were for another girl & he sent the replies to me because my FB page must have been open. What's he playing at?


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  • Deliberate obviously. Helllooooooooo!


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  • Deliberate.

  • I have never messaged someone I didn't want to accidentally.

    Why would he do such a thing though? Did you say "no" to his offer and he was embarrassed and felt the need to make up some lie about the message not being intended for you?

    • Ok, having read your update, his story is VERY unlikely. I suspect he did it deliberately to make you jealous.

    • Well, we're on the other side of the country from each other at the mo, so I couldn't have gone for a drink. He said they were a school boy error & said sorry, then he said he'd had my page open & replied to the wrong messages when he was 8pm!? I don't get if he's trying to make me jealous or trying to say he's met someone else?!?!