I like this girl like a lot but she is with someone else :(

there is this girl I really like in my year. but she has a boyfriend.

we text and message each other quite a lot and have got to know each other quite well through school.

i would say we are good friends. I'm not sure if I should ask her out now or leave it untl she breaks up with the boyfriend but I really like her. think I'm in love with her. I do get the mick taken out of me because I like her. I get called a creep and a stalker. she sticks up for me when she hears something bad about me. I don't know what to do... HELP. please?


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  • Leave it until she breaks up with his boyfriend. Most girls tend to stay committed.


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  • I would just leave it alone at least for now anyways because if you're in high school I can promise you they will not last and when they do break up you need to play the situation slowly and be careful to not get friend zoned. It's possible you are there right now but that can change with time.


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  • Sometimes when I go to a restaurant I'm notice somebody at another table eating something that looks really great. I've made it a policy never to try and eat theirs, but rather to try and order something comparable myself.