What to do with my gf/ex? I don't even know

Well here it is. I have been dating this girl for like 4 years and we got into a argument (we usually get into small ones). But a few weeks ago was her birthday, but a week before her birthday I said "I got you a gift" and after that she bugged me over and over asked what it is and did I get one. After a while I said "No" She got mad called me a liar and what not and told me to leave. So I left or whatever and now it has been a week and she has not texted me. She probably texted me once but we got into another argument during that time she texted me during this period. But on top of that I stopped texting for 2 days. No reply and it has been bugging me. so I texted her today, Tried to ask her what she wants, no reply. I sent her some money I owed her Via paypal. Then she said "Got the payment thanks". I replied "So what do you really want" No reply.

At this point I do not know what to do. I am about to give up. I don't want to do "wait til she texts you first" I doubt that crap works I feel like some people don't care or miss people no offense no matter how much us guys try to not text MOST girls the girls will either not text us first or will say "You never try to talk to me" Which is BS

So any suggestions anyone? I can do the "not talk to her" tactic but I worry if she will even try to contact me.


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  • For starters that seems you are in a big mess, and it's understandable that you're confused.

    Well it is annoying if she insisted to know what the gift was if you're a surprise-type of person, But the issue here is: if you actually were telling the truth about already having her gift.

    You should've been clear and specific about that: (1) if you just said "no" to shut her up but in truth you actually have her git, and (2) if you lied and after all you never had a gift to start with.

    If the answer is the one then it's easy, you just have to clarify her that and it'd all be better.

    If the answer is 2 is normal that she got sad even upset, you are her boyfriend and she felt deceived and you lied to her. That shows that you were in panic and wanted to make her happy for a sec there by saying you have a gift but the bad part is: you just lied to her easily like if it was normal/nothing. Wich by logic means it's a common thing you do to her, and if you don't you'll do very often in the future.

    Anyway wth is wrong with in asking: what do you want? Did you even apologized? Obviously she wants a boyfriend that doesn't lie to her!

    In both ways I believe (i'm not sure) she's being "hard to find" because -since she believes you lied to her- she feels you don't care about her, so she wants to know if you care enough to go after her and insist in showing how much you love her and how much you are sorry for the situation.

    • Yeah I said sorry and stuff. And I'm still being ignored she said she wanted to go to miami and stuff and I was gonna wait til I got taxes back

    • I agree with you Ladyluigi. Just one more thing:

      being her boyfriend you should know what she wants / likes. asking so much what she wants doesn't seem like you care so much about her... And if you lied about having a gift, then she is right being upset.

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  • Ok. Don't talk to her. Period. There is not much you can do. just do nothing. in reality, everything has been said and done. Clearly she does not want you to contact her. So, if she contact you don't reply. Occupy yourself with something else. or someone else who wants you more. In reality space is a good thing. sorry for your loss tho,



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  • If you lied that easily about having a gift to a 4 year girlfriend, then something is very wrong with you. If you really care so much about her you will make a meeting happen to apologize in person.

    If you like her so much, you can't give up this easy.

    • I been said my sorries. Read my replies before assuming.

  • Definitely not an expert on this stuff, but your best bet would be to text her and ask to meet up so you can talk in person. If she doesn't reply again after 24 hours, tell her that you don't know what she want's and you're going to assume that the relationship is over, "Have a nice night."

    It seems like you guys have been together for a long time though, so you probably don't want to end things, but there's no point in you waiting around for someone who isn't going to come-to. Honestly, my suggestion is give her one more chance, but make sure that she knows you intend on ending things if she doesn't reply. Just a fair warning though, she may overreact and end the relationship herself.

    • I won't say that I don't think she will care.

      She won't meet up with me I know her.

      I might as well assume its over I even tried to not text her 2 days before this

    • That's unfortunate. Best thing to do is to make sure she's clear it is over then. If you're set on ending things, then there's no loss ensuring that she knows. Your call though