I'm broken and would love some help

I started dating the guy I've had a crush on for like 6 months and he's the sweetest most caring person I've ever known he really would do anything for anyone. After two weeks together he told me he was falling for me and how he'd do anything in his power to make us last that made him happier than any girl he's ever been with. After a month for dating we had gotten really close and the last night I was with him he sat me down and told me again that I had absolutely no reason to worry about losing him, he was here to stay and would do anything to keep me and just held me for at least an hour and a half, till I had to leave which wasn't until 7 in the morning.

I texted him later that day and asked if he would want me to come down to see him Monday,I left his house Saturday morning, and his exact words were "of course I do" but was really tired from work and was going to take a nap so I told him OK and to text me later if he wanted. Well. He didn't text later and I knew something was wrong. Then the next day, Sunday, he broke up with me saying he had a lot of family sh*t come up and was put in a situation when he couldn't be in a relationship. Then Monday he texted me and said he wishes he wouldn't if broken up with me and wants to fix things "one day" and said he still wants a future with me but hasn't spoken to me since. I want so bad to talk to him and just see if he's OK and if I could help him but whatever he's going through he refuses to tell anyone. I just want to know how far away 'one day' is, I told him I still want to be with him and that I'd wait but I can wait forever but I don't want to get over him. I really really like him and this stress is killing me I don't know what to do, can anyone help?


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  • Im sorry that you are stressed sweetie. I don't think you are broken just in limbo. I'm so very quick to say move on. I think when people speak in very broad general terms they aren't being 100% truthful. What could have possibly happened within less than 24hrs that has made a relationship impossible? Good thing is he knows you want to be with him so if things change and he decides to be honest and forthcoming then he will reach out to you. But, you are right you can't wait forever.

    My advice is to appreciate the time you spent together and relationship you had but move forward. Find something to focus your time and energy into so this doesn't drive you crazy.

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