Should I wait for her or should I take the initiative?

Me and my girlfriend the end of last week got into a small argument and she has accepted my apology. Yesterday, she let me know about (a group function she meets weekly which I go once in a while) that they were not meeting in case I was planning on coming. I thanked her. (What is awkward that this was the first time that she texted me without me having to text her first. )

So this is what bothers me. She is a cancer and I am always the one that has to start our conversation via text or by phone. How can I balance the dynamics of this and make feel she has the liberty to text me when she wants to? Should I also now limit contact with her since we had a small argument.


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  • no, just text her more. and when you see her, randomly drop the hint by saying "i really like I when you text me you know" and shell understand and text you more...

    but usually the guy should start the conversation...


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  • Astrology is a pseudo-science so it would be best not to read into it too much.

    About texting you first, don't count into it.

    Just text her when you feel like it, and if she initiates the texts, that's good.

    Don't limit contact just because you had arguments. That will just lead your relationship into ruin.