Do you like relationships?

Do you like dating?If so why? If not why? I'm a bi girl and I don't really like dating I usually have one night stands with lesbians and I only date men when I need money, I don't know relationships are seriously annoying to me so I'm trying to figure why people date?


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  • Finding a connection with someone is very comforting, its a moment of entwine, its not all about sex, its looking deeper than skin deep and realising the talents within, and how they make you feel when you witness them, ie "her smile, his laugh, her dimples, his frown, etc etc, this is wht we date, and we take for granted that everyone we meet will have this effect on us, but its rare, and we continue to seek for those who are compatible with us, but if you just go out for one night stands and whatever, then your never going to know what really makes you date these people, or what your missing in the others when all you do is wham bam, so try and look a little deeper than what's on a plate, find out what else you like about a person instead of bbeing selfish and only going for what you want from a person, ie sex or money, because this life must really be boring, to have sex with constant strangers and never really knowing what they like or dont, hence the reason it only lasts for a night, you might as well buy a doll with an electronic tongue or something, same thing really,x

  • When you're treating people like an ATM, it's no wonder you don't see the point in dating.

    Let's just say, not everyone is as shallow as you.


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