Do girls like emotional guys ?

My father died when I was 15, I didn't cry when it happened and still Haven't cried to this day, I'm 20 now and ever since I've had trouble with emotions, find it even difficult to hug sometimes, let alone admit feelings. I'm also a boxer and spend a lot of my time with my grandad doing DIY and I love carpentry. I just have strong beliefs that a man should be a man, I find emotions almost as a sign of weakness. I know its ridiculous and unhealthy but I'm trying to do something about it, I'm trying to be a bit more open about my emotions, even writing about this goes against everything even though its anonymous

Could you handle this as a girl if you were to date me ? Would it bother you ? would it put you off dating me ?


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  • admitting that you find it hard showing emotions is already an improvement :) I understand how you feel that hiding your emotions makes you feel more protected in a way. my dad's just like that.

    to be honest, I like guys that are emotional but not the always crying and dramatic type. that's a complete turn off and it irritates me a lot.

    i like guys who are pretty much normal. they don't show their feelings to everyone but when they are talking to their special someone... it wouldn't hurt to try open up a little and try to put your feelings into words. not in every conversation tho... just once in a while it would be nice. plus this sharing of feelings makes the pother person feel trusted and they also get to know where they stand with you in a way... hope that made sense :)

    also to answer your question I would definitely date a guy like you but id be very bothered if you don't show ANY signs of emotion and never told be about what you feel sometimes. again trying to once in a while would be nice and id appreciate it :)

    • Ive never had or really wanted a relationship, I've had few flings with a few girls. I don't find it difficult emotionally to get with a girl but when it comes to someone I care about it gets difficult. Even telling a girl that I like her gets my stomach in knots and its not nerves. When I'm around a woman whos crying, my grandma around the anniversary of my dads death for example. Game over, I can't handle it, I don't know what to even say and normally try to avoid the situation at all costs!

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    • I wouldn't mind some advice, at the moment all I'm doing it whenever I can, be a bit more sympathetic with people, pay a little more attention to their feelings and try and apologize if I am in the wrong however difficult it is

    • well some advice I can give you is keep in mind (and I mean really believe this), people aren't going to bite! as long as you open up to the right people and someone you can trust... I'm sure they won't judge you. they're just people like you afterall. anyways then you can go on to baby steps :P apologizing when you're wrong is perfect to start with. when you have learned to do that without hesitation you can move on to something else like for example when someone seems upset ask them what's up

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  • Honestly i like when guys show a minimum of emotions. I'm not asking him to cry me a river for a yes or a no (metaphorically), but i'm a girl who likes and insists on emotions because i believe it's an important part of the human being.
    I wouldn't mind dating you if you show progress or if you're willing to change and make some effort because i would feel like you're not really interested or you don't like me since you won't show any emotions and since you don't really know how to deal with them. I would be happy to help you out :)

  • I don't like guys that don't have emotions. I think they're scary and could snap at any moment and you couldn't calm them down because you couldn't make an emotional appeal. And you're a boxer... lol no sir. If I found out my boyfriend didn't cry when his dad died. I would be like this guy is an assassin or something lol just scary. Plus I like to feel loved. If you don't even wanna hug...there's a problem.

    • Hahaha, I don't get built up rage :P I've never hit or wanted to hit anyone outside the ring in my life! hahaha

    • lol good job Frankenstein ;) if you want a girlfriend you're gonna have to hug her! And kiss her! And open up to her.

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  • They like emotional guys. They find it unattractive though.

    Do you find it hard to be affectionate when dating? (Have you ever dated)?

    There are different ways of expressing how you feel about someone (which is probably the part that matters the most - if you need to think quietly when you're upset, that's one thing, if you can't make a future wife feel that you love her, that's another.