How do I get my dating vibe back?

I haven't dated in almost two years, that's after I kinda messed up with two girls that I unintentionally dated at the same time. One of them was quite far from me, I mean oceans apart. So when I met a potential that was just a stone throw away I sort off got swept off my feet due to what seemed more normal relationship as opposed to distance. However, I couldn't instantly forget thinking about my long distance partner whom I still maintained ties with. Consequently, I couldn't satisfy either one of them and in the end they both chose to let go off me. I decided not to date for a long while, at least until I felt a bit fresher and ready to start all over again. However it has been a while now and I still can't seem to attract or either like any girl enough so that I can get back to the normal way of dating life. Actually I tend to make a lot of comparisons with my past relationships and I sort of fear having a short lived relationship again. What do you think I should do guys?


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  • You should start talking to more women, and asking them out to dates.

    Being away from the dating world definitely deflated your dating skills/muscle so it's hard getting back again.

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