weirded out by this behavior

I've been talking to this guy for 2 weeks now, so far so good, we even talk about booking a trip together. We decide to hang out one on one. He comes over and I'm sitting on my bed and he sits on a chair in my room, which I thought was strange from the get go. We start watching a movie and finally, once I invite him in the bed, he gets in. I'm thinking we'll eventually kiss, but we watch the ENTIRE MOVIE and NOTHING! Finally, I kiss him and he gives me a couple pecks back, but then stops, but continues cuddling me. Finally, he's like alright, I'm going to leave in 10 minutes and then we start making out and end up hooking up (no sex). We've been talking normally since, but he hasn't messaged me yet today. Is he just not interested, shy or trying to fade me out? HELP!


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  • To me it sounds like he's shy or not that affectionate. What does hooking up mean if you're not referring to sex?

    • foreplay. so I shouldn't take it personally?

    • I try not to take things personally. You can't control him and you can't be sure what he is thinking or why he's doing those things. All you can do is put effort out like being nice to him and giving him opportunities to get to know you. But from how you described the situation, it sounds like he's shy or not an affectionate guy. The reason for this is I don't see why he would go to your house if he's isn't interested and he did hook up with you so he's probably attracted.

  • "He comes over and I'm sitting on my bed and he sits on a chair in my room"

    I would've done the same thing.


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