need pro advice please!

OK to make a short story I met that girl 4 month ago she's a barmaid so I talk to her get her call than texte her a little bit than see her again few times and finaly she tell me she has boyfriend and I tell her I have a girlfriend (I know its bad my question not about this as I really like her) So I decide to ask her out anyway she say yes ( that was one month ago) and she has a lot of fun she hug me twice during the day/evening but nothing more than I go back home and we texted everyday since there sometimes nasty thing and we make a lot of plans for a next date but it never comes, instead few days ago she want to take distance a little bit so instead of let her take her time I started doing something I never do, I texted her for 3 days emotional crazy things and her boyfriend saw one of my texte so she told me to leave her alone forever and don't ever talk to her anymore. (shes f*** angry at me )

so what I think is ( and its now I need you guys to correct me if I am wrong ) first she can be pissed off but she can't stop like me in 3 days so if I give her time and go back to her bar in one month and just talk to her not with the idea that I can get your back but really just to talk is it possible that she realize I miss her or its possible she still is mad at me ? what should I do has I really like her and she does ( did) too no doubt not newbie with girls just always been easy so that's why I don't know what to do now ! And don't tell me move on already did but there's something special with that girl so even if it takes 3 years I don't care but I at least want her to stop hating me first so what should I do


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  • Ask her out to hang out with you, or have dates.

    That's the only way to make things work out between the two of you without the interruption of her boyfriend.

    • Ur right but right now she hates me. Should I wait a little than go see her again a girl can't stop liking some1 like that... She liked me a lot had big big phisical attirance.. Where I need help is what can I do to stop hating me after that its gonna be easy for me

    • Give her some time, and resume your "dates" again.

    • Ok thx a lot that's what I tought but I wasn't sure thanks !