I haven't been in contact with a guy that I supposedly have a "thing" with in over a week, bad sign?

so pretty much he's an old acquaintance with whom I've been taking to over the last month (texting, Facebook chatting, snapchatting etc). I Haven't seen him in person in years. he flirts with me major hard and I get the feeling he likes me (as do my friends). he apparently used to have a thing for me years ago.

anyways, we haven't talked in over a week and he hasn't texted me back or even tried talking to me on Facebook. he has this thing where he stops the conversation completely - he doesn't text back but gets back to me soon after. we're both still young, so he doesn't have a 9 to 5 job or too much school/sport holding him back from texting me or anything. I told him that it was kind of a pet peeve of mine when people stop mid-coversation (but I was nice about it) and he apologized and took it well.

now all of a sudden he won't intiate conversation and I know this is petty much I really don't want to be the one initiating it now - I feel like I would look desperate because I intiated the conversation when this hiatus began. and I worry that if I do text him now "how's it going?" he'll say "oh nothing" and it would be strange to just act as if the pause in our past month of everyday, consistent conversation was nothing.

what do you think?

by "thing" I mean we flirt hard and wanted to get together to see how we feel about each other in person. pretty much a potential
okay thanks guys. you are probably right... kinda upsetting though

now just wondering, if he all of a sudden texts me or gets in contact, acting as if its nothing, saying "hey", what should I say?


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  • It's a bad sign. Find a new guy of interest.

    It's clear that he's not interested in you anymore.


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  • Oh don't worry about him, there's plenty of guys out there, no point worrying about some guy that you don't even see in person.


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  • Unless something happened with him, it doesn't sound good.

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