Please help... Should I ask my boyfriend who he is texting on what'sapp at night?

My boyfriend and I don't live together and we live in different states, so we don't each other as often as normal couples do

We usually text each other before we go to sleep, but it has been a while that he tells me he is almost falling asleep and says good night. When I check his on what'sapp in the morning when I wake up, his timestamp on what'sapp just doesn't match with the time that he sends me my good night message and it happens every single night. I find that suspicious. Should I ask him who is texting to and how to ask him nicely, but also find out the answer I want to know?

I am not that kind of person who likes to invade others' privacy. I just don't want to be the last one to know when my relationship starts to crumble. I think it is a sign that he is obviously chatting with someone regularly, but he doesn't want me to know for his own reasons?!


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  • Don't get over jealous. Some guys just want to attend to their personal stuffs without any interruptions.

    Like gamings, and watch things you know already.


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