Guys does number of missed calling her gauge the level of your interest?

Let's say a girl told you she's sick over text. Later that night you tried to call her and you found out that her phone was switched off. How many times will keep trying to call her? And can you explain how important a girl is to that guy, if he call her for around slightly more than 10 times? I have a guy who did this, but he stopped texting me earlier in that week, claiming he doesn't has any credit anymore and it's the end of month, but he still flashed me so I will call him back. If I don't call him back, he will flashed me few times more just to signal me to call him back (and he always wants to talk to me just right before he went to bed). FYI since we 1st met each other, we texted heavily and have contact everyday, by text or by call. Should I believe in his excuses, or he's just running away from me Because he already had sex with me? FYI we had sex before I fell sick, so I'm not sure all these no credit thing is a coincidence or just a lie. But if I called him, we'll talked to each other like one hour over the phone. Last night he didn't flashed me, so I tried to call him 4 times and he didn't picked up, I sent him a text Because I was worried and he didn't reply. This morning I called him, apparently I woke him up with my call (he has to go to work btw) and ask if he's fine? He said his head is hurting a lot, so I sort of guess he must've been having it since last night. I can't help but sometimes feel like he's losing interest in me but maybe it's just me? Please help, I like this guy, and I don't want to be that annoying girl, and yesterday was the 1st time ever I called him that much. Should I be reassured that he actually likes me or he's really just losing interest already?


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  • He really likes you.

    The persistence of calling you 10 times straight is a big, big evidence of that attraction.

    Don't be annoyed 'cause all will be well if ever both of you entered into a mutual relationship.


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