Ending a date with this? Good? Bad?

I had a first date last night. We made plans for dinner and after dinner he suggested a movie. At the end of the night he said "so I have your number and info" and that was it. It's a bad sign right?


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  • hard to say, how well do you know him. was it jokingly said or give you eye to eye serious contact?

    • I don't know him at all, it was our first date and prior to that was talked but that's was it. It wasn't in a joking way. It was said with a straight face

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    • He is a planner, you're right about that part

    • Time will give you your answer.

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  • you can't know if its good or bad just from this remark...wait a few more days to know for sure


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  • it is sort of an ambigous remark, it could go either way.