Is UsatoDate a good and genuine dating Site?

I myself have my profile there as I am seeking a relationship, I can just see title of a message, and that who has sent me smiles, but no correspondance with one another, pls if you know about that site, are singles genuine there, and most important thing does it really work?


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  • Trust me man, you are better off not worrying about dating sites. I've been on at least 3 most popular dating sites since 2009 and not one girl was willing to reply back to me or get to know me. Finding a girl on dating sites is actually much harder than in real life. You have to be really really good looking to be noticed by girls. Sorry but just try to find a girl in real life. I know it's really really hard in India, especially you have a kid and all but you still have a better shot than online dating. Online dating sites are hard and if you're a brown skinned Indian guy, it's impossible!

    • Thanks for comments, you are from where?

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    • I'm from US. And brown Indian guys have it tough cavmanier. We're not seen as attracted by girls generally. Even Indian girls, whether she is light, dark, or brown skinned girl themselves reject brown and dark Indian guys for really light skinned Indian guys.

    • Yes I know

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  • dont know about this one.but personally I don't think any dating site is good & actually you shouldn't waste your time on that.try finding someone in the real world around you

    • The people who even consider dating sites are the ones who never found luck in real life. Anyways personally, I've been on at least 3 dating sites since 2009 and not one girl was willing to talk to me. Not a single replied me back or tried talking to me. If none of them ever talked to me, I doubt any of them would be willing to talk to the QA since he has much less hair than me and divorced with a child. I don't wanna sound harsh and superficial but it is what it is.

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    • You're not going to find a foreign bride QA. Unless you're super rich, you're not. Sorry to burst your bubbles but generally girls are not attracted to brown skinned Indian guys. Skin color and race is really important for girls.

    • I agee that's true, but at least I can try.

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  • I have not heard of this one ever and honestly, if it is not popular, it is for a good reason.

    If you want to go through free dating sites, go with and These are 100% free and don't lie like other sites that say having a profile is free, but messaging is not. Other sites even go as far as to use bots to message you so you pay to read the message.

    If you insist on going paid you can go with I don't recommend eharmony because their matching system limits you as much as they claim to go "in depth" on personalities and all that. is also getting popular. From my experiences looking through these sites, you'll see the same profiles on the paid sites sometimes as well as the free ones.

    Keep in mind that women on dating sites receive a ridiculous amount of messages if they are attractive so if your profile is the typical "I'm a nice guy looking for a relationship" profile, they'll skip over you and start heading over to the next 50+ messages they got left to go.