Here's the philosophy of flirting, dating, relationships and sexuality and other things?

Hi guys my name is Mr. Alpha, and I'm here to help you.

Flirting: Hmm just say the first thing that crosses your mind about that girl, ex. You are walking by and you see a girl with very beautiful smile and you say: what a lovely smile , than you act like you don't care about what did you just say.

Dating: if you wanna date a girl the first thing is knowing her , than you should act like nice guy who doesn't have bad intentions with her and take it WITH THE FLOW,

Relationships: to keep going on your relationship just DON'T MENTION YOUR EX-s.

Sexuality: if you wanna have sex with your girlfriend , just play the soft and the lovely guy , don't you ever disagree with her, and there are a lot of other thing if you want to know something just ask.


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  • i thought this was a place where people

    post questions.

    not bad advice

    • Hheheh well I date ,hmm about 5 girls a week with these advices , what makes you think that they are bad , just try yo be open with yourself and you'll see the change.;)

    • Uh, how is this bad advice? maybe not the best there is but it's pretty good especially for those just beginning to get into the whole dating scene.

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