General advice when first texting a girl. Just broke up with my girlfriend so I'm not used to it

Her friend came up to me and said she thought I was so cute. So eventually I went up and talked to her. Later in the night they all came to my apartment and we played n64 and I started flirting again. I don't know why but I do this sometimes

I'll say hey if you beat me here you can get my number and did the same thing with kissing. She seemed to think it was funny and went along with it.

So I texted her later when she was on her way home and she said she was glad I texted her and was great to meet me. I said something and she fell asleep. But she texted me right away in the morning saying she fell asleep but sounds like a deal:).

I didn't respond but I was thinking of texting her tonight. What should I do?


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  • Simply text her again. There seems to be a strong attraction that the girl have for you.