How do you feel dating someone who you know is dating others?

Imagine you just started dating someone. There's been no exclusivity talk yet, and you're not super close with each other yet. Suppose you either know or suspect that they are dating perhaps one or a few other people, but you also know your date is not serious about the other people either. i.e., your date is sort of playing the field a little. You believe they are sincerely looking for a good committed relationship, and not just trying to be a player.

How do you feel about that?

Is it to be expected?

Are you pissed, assuming your date should never even consider going out with more than one person at once?

Or, are you a little intrigued, thinking that your date can have many people interested in them? Maybe you'll feel special to eventually become exclusive with that person? Does it make you try a little harder to become exclusive with them?

What if you start having sex? How does that change things?


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  • i wouldn't have sex before exclusivity for that reason. if we have only gone on a few dates fine but after a few weeks if he won't be exclusive I'm out. I've played the casual dating game and it honestly only benefits men unless you are one of those girls who truly likes to play the field and doesn't get attached, which long term I believe most girls have problems doing.

    • "it honestly only benefits men"

      How so? Like, as if it's easier for men to get dates than women? Or, for some other reason? I don't understand your conjecture.

    • because overall, casual sex is a lot more enjoyable for a man. women tend to get emotionally attached and often sleep with the man they are casually dating hoping it will lead to a relationship.

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  • That happen to me , I felt disrespect not because he had a girlfriend but because he said he respected me . Although I was not surprise he had a girlfriend and that he didn't tell me . In the back

    Of my head I knew he was a slut; I felt sorry for him I told him his truth , and kid him out of my life I blocked him form Facebook erase his number and moved on !

    • I was some what relief that he did me wrong because that helped me feel better about rejecting

      Him the times he asked me to be his girlfriend

    • I specified that the person you are dating DOES NOT have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • I expect that is the way most guys are so I do the same thing. Until there is a talk about exclusivity then I am open to dating whomever I please.

    If we are going to start having sex then we have a talk about who else he and I are having sex with and whether or not we want to have sex with each other knowing what each other is doing. Communication is key.

  • I would find this unacceptable and would not want to see this person again.


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