Do women really like it when guys chase after them?

Obviously I mean in a dating-sense. I feel like it's a waste of time and a guy would lose interest very fast because he's not trying to get her because of her personality but more because of a trophy to brag about to his friends.

Do you women prefer the tension of not knowing if a person likes you or not and having a guy go through leaps and bounds to be with you, or would you just like a straightforward dating experience?


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  • Im sorry but yes I'm guilty, I do enjoy the chase. Its exciting. I'm not saying I would lead a guy on but if he didn't give good enough hints to let me for sure know he liked me enough to go out with me then Id have him chase me for a little while.

    • I appreciate the honesty :). I don't like dating because of the whole chasing thing and bad past experiences, but it's something I'll have to get over eventually if I want that special woman someday...

    • Like I said, Id only want him chasing me if I was pretty clueless as to his feelings for me. I'm pretty naive when it comes to flirting and signals a guy might send.So I guess in his mind he might think I know he likes me and thinking I want him to chase me but in my mind I'm still clue less.

      If you're sending strong signals like telling a girl you like her or asking for her phone number then that's an obvious sign. If you're still having to chase her after that then that's game playing.

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  • Please if I like him back then a straight forward dating experience please

  • Yes women enjoy the chase but it depends on the guy on how hard we play or won't play


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  • Im a guy, but I feel the answer is no. Women seem to want to be the chasers, they think a guy is clingy and annoying if he chases them, at least that's what my female friends have said.