Joking about a best friends ex to him, wrong or over reacting

My best friend is a guy who I have previously slept with and occasionally I still feel the need to impress him or be exciting (aka try harder).

Tonight we were texting about a group of people outside of his window who were very drunk and acting like idiots that he had said he wanted to shut up as he was trying to sleep.

in one of my messages I stupidly said to him are you sure your ex isn't out there, baring in mind he had called them a fair amount of offensive things, no of which I was calling her but I am worried he will think I was.

Anyway I have not heard a response from this message and I am now worried I have over stepped a mark and that making a joke about her was not on, do guys get as sensitive about this sorta stuff as we can do? Is it something I shouldn't have said?

What does everyone think?


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  • He must have fallen asleep.

    Guys don't get sensitive on the kind of stuff, and we usually brush it off.

  • maybe he's still tired an sleepy.


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