Met a guy and haven't spoken in a while..

I met this guy while having a girls night out, brief encounter, chatted and stuff while I was visiting a different province. Once I was back home a few weeks later he emails me, we chat for a few weeks every day. Than start talking via fb and finally text message. It died down after 2 months. I deactivated fb for a bit than when I returned he had deactivated to and while this happen our texting stop (just for background info)

We originally started talking because we had both made plans to move to Hali in Jan toattend school for the same program. Which was kinda cool. I've finally moved here a few days ago and I was wondering if it would be weird if I emailed him to see what's up?

I don't know to many people neither does he (except me.) What should I say? Brief and simple

Turns out he just moved to the city as me (I moved 5 days ago) and he just texted me! Thanks for the advice.


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  • What That-Guy said was spot-on. You're a beautiful lady and if the guy wanted to talk with you and get to know you for a relationship, he would generally follow through on it. Some guys might be hesitant and intimidated by someone who's really pretty, but the fact you guys already broke the ice and already talked a lot, that's out of the question.

    If he wants to be in a relationship or date you with hopes for more in the future, he will let you know. If he doesn't, then don't try to wait because that would hold you back from meeting other good men out there.


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  • You know... if I was interested in a girl, I would make dam sure she knew...

    It sounds like to me that either he's not that interested.

    i wouldn't pursue him and let him come to you (if he does).

  • Simply e-mail him on what he's doing. Better yet, calling him will make things more special and intimate.


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  • What That-Guy said. He's not interested, so I would let it go.