I've recently started dating a man that I use to date over 20yrs ago. He has kissed me but stopped.

I'm a person that loves to kiss. A peck on the lips in public but, during intimacy, I like it hot and heavy. Now, he'll kiss me on the cheek or neck and I don't know how to read this. I've tried asking but I never get a straight answer. We talk everyday, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day and we're together every weekend. He'll do whatever I ask of him but, I don't know why he just stopped kissing me. How can I get my point across about how strongly I feel about kissing?


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  • Tell him, or ask why, don't let it go, get the answers you need, because although its probably nothing, it could be the start of something if not addressed,x

  • I can guess how this one is going to go :-)

    • And what are you guessing? He's calls everyday and I see him every weekend. If he's unable to contact me on my phone, he will call every number associated with me, even my daughters phone. So please tell me your take on it.

    • They say if you believe there's love... you fall into it :-)

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