Until what point in the relationship do you think the need for "hard to get" is necessary?

We've been "seeing each other" for a month now, I really like her. I texted her Sunday evening, asking her how work was, after I had stayed over the previous night but she didn't reply. I panicked, started worrying that she was trying to show me I was being too clingy and she needed her space... I came up with a lot of stupid ideas in my head that she was seeing someone else, based on no evidence and just insecurity. She ended up texting me Wednesday evening (three days later) and we talked for a bit, but because I was worried I had come off as too clingy, I felt the need to wait longer than usual to respond to her texts, and kind of "pull back" so to speak. Today, I texted her, she responded in an hour, I texted her an hour later, she responded literally INSTANTLY, but instead of answering, I waited an hour to reply. Did she reply instantly because she would know my phone was in my hand?

Is that something I should be doing, or not? Also, do I have anything to worry about in terms of her not texting me for those three days?


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